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Winner: CWA Crime Fiction in Translation Dagger 2020 for Hannelore Cayre's The Godmother

Winner: The JQ-Wingate Prize 2019 for Françoise Frenkel's No Place to Lay One's Head

Shortlisted: NSW Premier's Translation Prize in 2019 for a body of work & in 2023 for Joseph Ponthus' On the Line

Shortlisted: Staunch Book Prize 2019 for Hannelore Cayre's The Godmother

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Publishers Weekly


In Search of Perfumes by Dominique Roques, translated from the French by Stephanie Smee, published by HarperVia

'...this rich travelogue will transport readers.'

The Sydney Morning Herald/The Age

October 14,2022

In Search of Perfumes by Dominique Roques,


Cameron Woodhead & Steven Carroll

'Roques is passionate about his subject, and the writing,

appropriately, often has a rich and heady quality.'

ASTRA: the international magazine of literature, Online edition

June 07,2022

"The Artist's Seven Minutes" by Ariana Harwicz and

Ariana Saenz Espinoza, transl by Sarah Moses,

considering my translation of Joseph Ponthus's On the Line. 

The Sydney Morning Herald/The Age

March 25,2022

A World with no Shore by Hélène Gaudy, PICK OF THE WEEK,

reviewed by Cameron Woodhead

'Gaudy has an unerring talent for metaphor that intensifies

her descriptions of the Arctic;'

The Times Literary Supplement

February 18,2022

On the Line - Notes from a factory by Joseph Ponthus, reviewed by Hilary Davies

"That stench of whelk: Dread, poetry and fish under capitalism"

'The unadorned, direct, demotic language, expertly rendered by the translator, Stephanie Smee, is also a tribute to the lives they have to lead.'

The Saturday Paper

February 19,2022

A World with No Shore by Hélène Gaudy, reviewed by Geordie Williamson

"[Hélène Gaudy's] authorial perspective binds together past and present, human and natural worlds, solitary explorers and the civilisation they leave behind, all with knowing intelligence and plangent intensity of feeling."

The Weekend Australian

August 28-29,2021, Review

The Rome Zoo by Pascal Janovjak, reviewed by Richard King

"Immaculately conceived, constructed and paced,

its separate narratives run together with

the fluidity of a fever dream."

The Saturday Paper

August 21-27,2021

The Rome Zoo by Pascal Janovjak reviewed by Fiona Wright

"... it is at once fantastical, historical and allegorical,

... tender and hopeful but also cynical and cruel. ...

It has an eerie timeliness too ... a rich and

multilayered book."

European Literature Network

July 23, 2021

On the Line: Notes from a factory by Joseph Ponthus,

reviewed by Rosie Eyre

"You don't need to be a poetry aficionado to be stirred

by the understated beauty of Ponthus's writing, and

Stephanie Smee's superb translation ...

A world in which the vicissitudes of factory life are

illuminated with wit and wisdom, and joy can be found

twinkling here you least expect it."

Australian Book Review 

Online exclusive, May 2021

'On the Line: Notes from a factory' by Joseph Ponthus transl. Stephanie Smee reviewed by Dr Valentina Gosetti. "Few books immediately suspent time; few need no warm-up and almost demand to be read, reread, underlined. Stephanie Smee's rendition of Joseph Ponthus's multi-award-winning first solo book On the Line: Notes from a factory, is one such read."



The Monthly

April, 2021

On the Line: Notes from a factory by Joseph Ponthus transl. Stephanie Smee reviewed by Stephanie Bishop. "On the Line is marked by a heady admixture of brutality and tenderness, elevated throughout by Ponthus's philosophical hunger and gratitude for common life."

The Sydney Morning Herald, Spectrum

October 16, 2020

Kerryn Goldsworthy, 'The more things change, the more inequality stays the same. Hannelore Cayre's The Inheritors is Pick of the Week, transl. Stephanie Smee


The New York Times

December 12, 2019

Lauren Elkin,'Her Francophilia Saved her from the Death Camps but not from Great Danger' Review of A Bookshop in Berlin, by Françoise Frenkel, translated by Stephanie Smee

The Wall Street Journal

November 29, 2019 - 'A Bookshop in Berlin' Review: No Place to Lay Her Head

by Françoise Frenkel, translated by Stephanie Smee


The New York Times

November, 2019 - 100 Notable Books of 2019

The Godmother by Hannelore Cayre, translated by Stephanie Smee

The year's notable fiction, poetry and nonfiction, selected by the editors of the New York Times Book Review 


The New York Times

31 October, 2019

Gregory Cowles, Senior Editor, Books, 'Editor's Choice: 10 New Books We Recommend This Week... The Godmother by Hannelore Cayre, Translated by Stephanie Smee'


The New York Times

25 October, 2019

Ivy Pochoda, 'Cunning, Damaged and Deranged: The Latest Thrillers by Women'

Review of The Godmother by Hannelore Cayre, transl by Stephanie Smee

The Spectator

7 February, 2020, review of The Godmother by Hannelore Cayre 

Jeff Noon: 'Hitler's affair with his niece - and a failed attempt on his life - make for a sizzling thriller'

Declan Burke's Best Crime Novels of 2019

16 December, 2019

The Godmother by Hannelore Cayre

The Guardian

18 October, 2019

Laura Wilson, The best recent crime & thrillers - review roundup

The Godmother by Hannelore Cayre

Chat10Looks3 Podcast with Annabel Crabb and Leigh Sales

4 October, 2019

Episode 120 'I don't like the Daff' featuring

The Godmother by Hannelore Cayre

The London Free Press

27 September, 2019

Joan Barefoot, 'Unlikely criminal key to this

award-winning novel'

The Godmother by Hannelore Cayre


20 August, 2019

Fiona Hardy, 'The Godmother' by Hannelore Cayre

The Monthly

September, 2019

Helen Elliott, 'A sardonic French bestseller about a godmother,

in the organised crime sense of the word'

The Godmother by Hannelore Cayre

The Globe and Mail

28 August, 2019

Margaret Cannon, Seven thrillers that will keep you wanting more

The Godmother by Hannelore Cayre

Kirkus Review

7 October, 2019

Kirkus Review of 'A Bookshop in Berlin' by Françoise Frenkel

Winner of The Jewish Quarterly-Wingate Literary Prize

25 February, 2019

Comments by judges awarding the JQ-Wingate Literary Prize 2019 to

No Place to Lay One's Head by 

Françoise Frenkel

See also articles appearing in The Bookseller and the Jewish Chronicle

The Times Literary Supplement

10 August, 2018

Natasha Lehrer, Letters for Eternity: Tales of survival from the Holocaust

No Place to Lay One's Head by 

Françoise Frenkel

The Daily Telegraph

3 February, 2018

Nicholas Shakespeare, No Place to Lay One's Head by 

Françoise Frenkel: The Things You Didn't Talk About.

The Financial Times

12 January, 2018

Catherine Taylor, No Place to Lay One's Head by 

Françoise Frenkel: A Silence Broken.


The Spectator

27 January, 2018
Emily Rhodes,Françoise Frenkel: A spirited

woman on the run in Occupied France.

The Economist

25 January, 2018

Françoise Frenkel's powerful memoir

of the second world war: A remarkable

lost-then-found account that appears

in English for the first time.

The Sunday Times

21 January, 2018

Christina Patterson, Book Review: An Astonishing

memoir of escape from the Nazis has re-emerged

after 73 years.

New Statesman

9 March, 2018

Jeffrey Archer, Pushkin to shove:

"Three cheers for the Pushkin Press... 

let this be a thousand pages..."

Australian Book Review

May, 2018

Dr Avril Alba reviews'No Place to Lay One's Head'

by Françoise Frenkel

French Australian Review, Vol.63

Australian Summer, 2017-2018

Review by Jane Gilmour pp93-96

The Independent

29 December, 2015
Robert Fisk,Françoise Frenkel's escape from

the Nazis and Vichy France: A bitter, 

beautiful and important book.

The Huffington Post

11 December, 2015
Constance Leisure,French Events 

(A review of Françoise Frenkel's Rien où poser sa tête)


French Australian Review, Vol.60

September, 2016
Book Review:Jules Verne's Mikhail Strogoff


Reading Time, Children's Book Council of Australia

25 August, 2016
Jules Verne's Mikhail Strogoff


The Weekend Australian, Review

25 June, 2016
Australian Translator brings Jules Verne to life


Magpies Magazine Vol 31 No.2

May, 2016

A New Translation of a Classic:

Mikhail Strogoff


The Sydney Morning Herald, Spectrum

15 January, 2011
Naughty Sophie gets a New Life


North Side

14 June, 2011
The Fleurville Trilogy


Herald Sun, Melbourne

19 February, 2011
The Fleurville Trilogy by Countess de Segur


Adelaide Advertiser
19 February, 2011
Sophie's Misfortunes


Herald Sun, Melbourne

23 December, 2011
General Dourakine, in Short Takes


The Sydney Morning Herald, Spectrum
21 January, 2012
The Fleurville Trilogy


Good Reading
May, 2012
The Fleurville Trilogy


Weekly Times (VIC)

13 March, 2013
A Room at Guardian Angel Inn


Herald Sun, Melbourne

14 September, 2013

General Dourakine, Countess de Segur





















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