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Meet Pelle No-Tail!

What fun to be working with my mother, Ann-Margrete Smee, on the first English translations of these original, iconic Swedish children's tales by Gösta Knutsson. You're going to love reading about the adventures of Pelle No-Tail, the cat who had his tail bitten off by a rat when he was just a kitten! First published in Sweden in 1939 and onwards, these timeless stories about Pelle Svanslös - as he is known in Sweden - and his feline friends have been favourites for generations of Swedes. We know you'll have as much fun reading them as we're having translating them. Enormous thanks to Jeanne Ryckmans and her dedicated team at Piccolo Nero, the new children's imprint of Nero publishers, for sharing our excitement about these Swedish children's classics.

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