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The Perfume Hunter

Dominique Roques is a "perfume hunter", and my translation of his fascinating book "In Search of Perfumes" is OUT NOW in the UK and in ANZ, published by Mountain Leopard Press. Dominique's is one of the most interesting professional lives I've ever come across, travelling the world in search of the raw ingredients that go into making the most precious fine fragrances in the world. You will encounter him in the lavender fields of Provence, hunting for frankincense in Somaliland, in the forests of Venezuela, searching for tonka beans. It's an extraordinary account and it was a great privilege to translate it! The publishers have also done THE most superb job with its production - beautiful line drawings for endpapers, and chapter headings and a stunning teal cover to entice you. The perfect gift, so buy one for yourself and one for a friend!


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