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A fabulous night for the ACO's music education program

Thank you to all our wonderful guests for their generosity in helping us to meet our target to support the Australian Chamber Orchestra's innovative music education program which they are piloting at St Mary's North Primary School. The children in Grade 1 are benefiting from being taught and having an opportunity to practise their stringed instruments every day during class time thanks to this marvellous program. Improvements in attention span, academic results and self esteem are being noted already and we are delighted that we have been able to support this important initiative for children who would otherwise find it difficult to access the benefits that so often spring from a musical education.

Thank you, too, to our beautiful musicians, Laura McDonald, Masaki Nakamura and Kenichi Mizushima for their rendering of the extraordinary Shostakovich 2nd Piano Trio in E minor, and to Robert Hao, Beatrice Colombis, Jasper Schoff, Marc Chami and Jarrad Sapsford, for their superb playing and singing.

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